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Dog Bites And The Expenses

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Dog Bites And The Expenses

Since dogs are the commonest domestic animals, dog bites are indispensable. It can be either a minor bite or a severe one. And when it happens, the victim will be compensated but there are terms and conditions involved. The details would be discussed in the lower part of this article.

Dogs are important because they are not only kept as pets. They are often useful for errands, house chores, security and several other reasons. Being a part of human life, dogs and their bites are almost inevitable. However, some important tips on how to prevent dog bites have been enumerated below.

Prevention of dog bites

eabc8f981688e052f1c58d8dea6e607bWhenever you meet a dog for the first time, you need to introduce yourself. You don’t have to assume that it will take you as a friend automatically. The easiest way to introduce yourself is by allowing the dog to assess you by smelling and sniffing your hand and body.

Hold your hand forward in a relaxed manner towards the dog. Do not tighten your fist as it may see it as a threat and it will attack. Do not also rush to put your hand over its head on first introduction. It may also see it as a threat. Never surprise a dog by touching when it least expects it as it may be startled and bite out of reflexes.
Dogs usually give warning signs before they bite. It is necessary to know these signs. Dogs bite most when they are tensed, scared, startled or anxious. A dog that is in any of these conditions will exhibit all or some of the characteristics listed below. So when you notice any of them in a dog, please be careful.

dog-bite-injury-lawyer-in-Philadelphia-300x189• Baring of teeth

• Growling

• Stiff tail

• Flattened ears

• Tensed body

• Flicking of tongues

And when you notice any of these signs, you don’t just run away. If you do, the dog will take it as a sign that you have ulterior motive and it will chase and probably bite you. You have to stop and then move away slowly to safety.

Dog Bite Expenses and Compensations


A dog bite victim will be compensated for :

• Pain and mental suffering

• Permanent Scar (if any)

• Temporary and Permanent Disability (if any)

• Loss of future capacity to earn

• General medical expenses which is usually between $1500 to $3000 and more than that on rare occasions.

The owner of the dog or his insurance company will pay theses compensations. However, the dog victim can only get his full compensations if he can prove some of the following:

• That he wasn’t trespassing or provoking the dog

• That someone was negligent or careless and that led to the dog bite.

• That the dog was outside the owner’s home but was not put on a leash.

Can You Name Six Types Of Personal Injury Lawsuits?

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Can You Name Six Types Of Personal Injury Lawsuits?

First off, a personal injury lawsuit means that you were injured due to negligence and you have the right to sue for compensation. Now that you know the definition of what a personal injury lawsuit is, can you name six different types? You probably know more than you think since personal injury lawyers advertise on TV quite frequently.

Personal Injury Lawsuit #1 – Dog Bite

Let’s say you were working in your yard and the neighbor’s dog was roaming around and ventured onto your property. For no reason at all the dog bit you. The dog’s owner won’t pay your medical bills, what do you do? You sue the neighbor for your medical bills.

Personal Injury Lawsuit #2 – Automobile Accident

car-accident-4-300x259As you might imagine, this is the most popular personal injury lawsuit there is in the United States. Although there are some exceptions, if you are hit and require medical help you can sue the driver of the other vehicle for those expenses. If you are a victim of an auto accident, do not hesitate to contact fort worth truck accident attorneys for help.

Personal Injury Lawsuit #3 – Slips or Falls

This type of accident would include such things as if you walk into the grocery store, the floor is wet and you fall because there were no warning signs advising of a wet floor. Another example would be if you were walking on a sidewalk and it was uneven and you fell. The homeowner is supposed to keep the sidewalk in good and safe repair. You could sue him for your medical bills.
Man Fallen On Wet Floor
Personal Injury Lawsuit #4 – Medical Malpractice

This is the reason doctors have malpractice insurance. Let’s say you have an operation and the doctor makes a mistake, let’s say he removes your left arm instead of your right arm. That is a big mistake and you can sue him. There are some people who will try to file a medical malpractice suit for every little thing. Malpractice is very serious and it can take years for the entire process to be cleared up.

Personal Injury Lawsuit #5 – Assault and Battery

assault-batteryIf you were in a convenience store when a man entered and tried to rob the store. He pushed you out of the way and you were injured. Another example would be if you and your friend got into an argument over a loan and he assaulted you, which required medical attention. Sure in both examples the person might wind up in jail, but you can also sue them in court for your expenses.

Personal Injury Lawsuit #6 – Slander and Libel

If you spread false statements about someone, like saying the person is running a meth lab in his home and it’s not true, the person could sue you for the untrue statements because you have defamed his character.

There you have six types of personal injury lawsuits.

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